1- First Few Seconds Are The Most Important:
According to a study by Microsoft Corp., people now generally start to lose interest after eight seconds which is even less than the average attention span of a goldfish. So, even though the current video ad format for Instagram and Facebook video ads is 60 seconds, it’s in your brand’s best interest that you hook your audience in the first few seconds of the video. What that means is that you need to put the core of your ad, the thing you want the maximum number of your audience, in the first 5-10 seconds of the video. Then make sure that you don’t waste the rest of the time and use each frame to its maximum value. Each shot should be specific and complementary to the ad itself. Don’t use filler content because the shorter and to the point your video is, the better it will perform.
2- Make Sure To Add Explanatory Text: Think of your video ad as a silent film. Why? Well, most of the people watching your ad will be using Instagram on their mobile devices while they are on the go or in public. Chances are that they have audio disabled for the auto-playing videos. So, they will be watching a silent video ad and if you don’t have any way of explaining what’s going on other than the audio itself, your ad will not perform the way you expect it to. One way to approach this issue is to get people to turn the audio on by making the video eye-catching enough using bold colors and graphics. A better way is to use dynamic and bold text that explains what is happening as it happens in the video. Use captions to your best advantage as well because they will get the message across much more efficiently.
3- Balance Between Quality And Creativity:
quality and creativity Yes, creativity is extremely important in Instagram marketing and creating eye-catching content using that creativity is what makes you noticed. But the fact is that Instagram is full of creative eye-catching visual content and to make yourself stand out, you need to have meaningful content to support your creativity. Use creativity to catch your audience’s attention and once you have it, your next goal should be to use that attention to get your message or offer across. Make sure that you create your ad video keeping your target audience persona in mind because if your video doesn’t connect with them, it will not get you the results you want.
4- Include A Call To Action:
Instagram has always been restricting in the sense that it doesn’t let people post links everywhere. You can only post a link in your bio section. But Instagram does allow you to add a link in your video ad! So, make sure that you include a call to action like: Shop Now, Book Now, Learn More, Sign Up, Download, Watch Now, Contact Us and Apply Now. If you ad is compelling enough, people will want to click on the link because you are offering them something they might be interested in. You don’t have to wait for people to visit your bio section to get to your website; you can get them there right from your video ad.
5- Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages:
Okay, so you have created a compelling Instagram video ad that got people to click on the link to get to your website or landing page. Your work does not end there. You need to make sure that the landing page you direct people to is mobile friendly. The reason behind that is people usually use Instagram from their mobile devices. And if you direct them to a landing page that is not optimized for a mobile user, it will turn them off because people don’t have the patience to navigate a desktop-based page on their mobile unless they are really, really interested in what you are offering. But why take that risk? So, make sure that the landing page that you are directing people to is mobile-friendly.
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