Facebook Has More Population:

It doesn’t matter how you look at it, there are more people on Facebook than there are on Twitter. So, with the same amount of effort you can reach more people than you would if you were using Twitter.

Appearing in the news feed on Facebook is more difficult than Twitter because of its algorithms and filters. But while there are no filters on Twitter, it is difficult for people to notice you when they are bombarded with a lot of tweets every second.

So, if you use correctly, Facebook might be more beneficial for you in the end. Yes, you will have to invest in Facebook Ads but I would say, it is well worth the outcome.


Facebook is best for you if you have a smaller audience and you don’t have too many posts to share because if you post too much, Facebook will consider it as spam and your reach will dwindle.

Twitter is best for you if you have a rapidly growing audience and you have multiple posts to share per day because if you post too less, you will be forgotten in the very vast ocean of tweets.

Site Analytics:

According to a survey, Facebook has a higher time stay per visit than Twitter but by a very small difference. Twitter has higher number of pages viewed per visit than that of Facebook but, again, with a very small difference.

So, it is up to you, really, what will suit you the best in order to increase your brand awareness and loyalty.

Customer Service:

If customer service is a huge part of your brand then Twitter is best for you because it can start an instant conversation between customers and brand managers. Also, now that Periscope, a live-streaming app, is in the picture, you can hold live customer service question/answers and interviews.


If you business thrives on engaging and commenting on other blogs, Facebook is best for you because Facebook lets you comment on other blogs using your Facebook profile. This way your brand will have an increased number of followers.

Organic Reach:

Facebook says that family and friends come first. Which means that you have to compete not only with your rival brands but with family and friends of users too in order to appear in their news feed. But on Twitter, people aren’t for deep interactions. Most of them are there for content discovery and to find out what is going on in the media and their favorite brands.

The things that I have stated in this post are mostly just facts so that you can choose what platform to use for your social media marketing. If you choose Facebook or Twitter or both, make an effort on winning the hearts of your followers by following these tips for Facebook and Twitter.
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